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The board conducted a third-party investigation into allegations of improper behavior.

Arkady and Boris Rotenberg spent $18.4 million in art after being put under sanctions by president Obama.

An advisor to Abe says the artwork, which belongs to a private citizen in South Korea, could have a "decisive impact" on Japanese-South Korean relations.

Meanwhile, her best friend and fellow model Gigi Hadid revealed her less-blue chip collection.

Plus, New York's Black Lives Matter mural has already been vandalized five times and Art Basel's parent company expects its sales to halve in 2020.

A project by Krzysztof Wodiczko provides an object lesson in the power of empathy.

Art historians and Metropolitan Museum curators do close reads of objects in the collection in this leapfrogging history of art.

Tired of the same old surgical face masks? Try a stylish, safe, and artful mask from these museum gift shops around the world.

I first met Lynn Hershman Leeson at a restaurant in North Beach, San Francisco, four years ago to the day as I write this. My mom was dying then; death rips a hole in time, cutting through the calendar. That afternoon, the sky was an aching blue. The artist’s hair was a buoyant, red-brown bouffant and a ring of keys encircled her wrist. A handbag lay at our feet and, from it, wrist jingling, she retrieved a painting by Yves Klein. The size of a postage stamp, it glowed in the artist’s trademark royal blue.

The Van Gogh Museum unveiled the site in a ceremony on the anniversary of the artist's death.

In Artnet News's the Art of Collecting series, young collectors from art-loving families share their stories.

The exhibition proves provocatively educational in its intent to offer “critical perspectives on how viewers can empathetically and constructively engage with the health epidemic issue of American gun violence with the intention of creating change.”